Anonymous asked:

Do you like breaking Benjamin, you should google them, they're amazing, maybe you're gonna love them or like them. ❤️

Hi, I liked Breaking Benjamin. They were one of my favorite bands when I was younger (7 or 6 years ago).



Meet your perfect match, Darling!


O U T L A S T /  W H I S T L E B L O W E R    W A Y L O N    P A R K

impro Eddie / pyrohunk

Waylon Park / rotzloeffel

photography:  lysagraphy

Sadly we had to improvise an encounter between Eddie Gluskin and Waylon Park. BUT! I think it`s cool anyways! Outlast wouldn`t be complete with that bride seeking lunatic, am I right?

Have to Reblog again *_* This is awesome !
my Waylon-Babe is so pretty ~