Cute Weapon, little Assassin,

Alex Mercer Cosplay: Rotzlöffel /Me

Desmond Miles Cosplay: Pyrohunk

Photo: Lysa Bell


How is this cosplay? I thought it was digital art. Wow!

Reblogging for funny comments!

xD amazing comments 

Anonymous asked:

Ich bin jetzt mal ehrlich, ich hab keine Ahnung von Outlast und followe nur weil die Bilder geil sind :')) Asche über mein Haupt

Ach was Asche! XD Freut mich sehr !
Das Spiel lohnt sich, wenn du dich mal so richtig vor Angst einmachen möchtest ;D

Anonymous asked:

The funny thing is that I started following you for your outlast stuff and got really excited when I found out that you do assassins creed as well. much love! (≧▽≦)

Yeaah 8D
Happy to read that!


Anonymous asked:

Does Des get along with your sister?

protomonster answered:

Yep, the two are getting along pretty good.
Sometimes too good.

Sometimes they`re making fun of me…

and then I get angry.



Ah come on baby, don’t be such a party-pooper 


Did you just call me baby?!


yup, cause you forbid “little monster” 

But I could think of some better nicknames if you like, moonpie ~ 

Anonymous asked:

Do you like breaking Benjamin, you should google them, they're amazing, maybe you're gonna love them or like them. ❤️

Hi, I liked Breaking Benjamin. They were one of my favorite bands when I was younger (7 or 6 years ago).